About Us


Founded in May 1956, Reproductions, Inc. has a history of bringing top-of-the-line printing services to Tucson and Southern Arizona. From revolutionizing the printing industry, to adding color laser service in the 1980’s, to the state-of-the-art services we offer today, we are your local expert in digital printing services.


And, while our equipment is top notch, it’s our knowledgeable and experienced staff consulting with Tucson’s local Architectural, Engineering and Construction and Print Media industries that has set our printing services above the rest. From simple to complicated, from one-color to full-color, no matter the material and the finishing, we are equipped to meet all of your printing needs.


In the 60+ years we’ve served businesses in Tucson, we’ve evolved from a sole proprietorship single-owner company to a 100% employee-owned organization. Our mission remains the same, to deliver great results and outstanding service to each of our customers every day. With decades of experience, our team members are experts in their fields and understand the unique needs of our clients.


Russ Blankenship

Talk about working your way up! Russ joined the Repro crew in 1979 as a driver. He then began to work with old fashioned blueprints trading in the delivery truck for the front counter and became a Store Manager in the mid 80’s. By the 90’s he was named Operations Manager and in 1998 named Vice President. He finally took the reins as President in 2007. He loves to say “Find a job you enjoy and you will never work a day in your life” and after all these years, it’s clear that Russ enjoys his job.


When Russ is not enjoying his work, he is enjoying his family including his beautiful wife Kelly, and their two daughters Kayla and Korie. He also enjoys traveling to Washington State, and roughhousing with his Golden Retriever, Buddy.

Vice President

Mike Carpenter

Ask anyone around Repro what Mike is passionate about and they will tell you “The Arizona Wildcats”. Mike is a fanatical sports fan. He takes his customers needs even more seriously. Mike started with Repro in 1985 in the small format black and white department. His dedication to excellence was obvious to those around him and was quickly promoted to Store Manager in the early 90’s. In 2007 Mike became Vice President where he continues to be the driving force behind Reproductions, Inc. today.


When Mike is not at work, he is relaxing with his family and good friends catching as many sporting events as possible. The next time you are at Repro, ask Mike about his favorite moment in U of A sports history.

Customer Relations Manager

Erin Castner

Erin joined Repro in 1999. She started working at the front counter where she spearheaded the quality control area and opened the sign department. She then became Customer Relations Manager in 2005. Erin wears many hats, from handling large printing jobs to planning Repro company functions. Erin is Repro’s go to gal.


When she’s not making sure everything is running smoothly at Repro, she can be found with her family, camping, cooking or gardening, even if most of her gardening time consists of running her Puggles, Jet & Calvin out of her garden. Next time you’re at Repro, ask her how the veggie eating dogs are doing.

IT Manager

Stephen Buslig

Stephen is the man behind the curtain. Repro’s very own Wizard of Oz. As the head of Repro’s IT department, Stephen can make miracles happen. Starting at Repro in 1992, he has worked with everything from blueprints to large and small format color printing and now has made a name for himself as the “I.T. Guy”.


While Stephen can’t get enough of lines of code, he likes to snowboard, wrestle alligators and could be a serious contender in the Mahjong Olympics. Stephen also enjoys his pets and playing video games contemplating the meaning of life, while not at work.

Accounting Manager

Shannon Lease

Shannon Lease has been with Reproductions, Inc since 1990. She started by answering phone, but quickly moved upstairs to the corporate offices. Today she is our head bean counter.


Shannon spends her free time volunteering at PAWSitively Cats. A cage free, no kill cat shelter providing care for adoptable & special needs cats rescued in the Tucson area. Shannon has two cats and a dog at home and two rescued cats in her office, The Repro cats,  Bentley and Oreo. To find out more about PAWSitvely Cats or opening an account at Repro, email Shannon for more information.


The two story wire cut brick building that would become the home of Reproductions, Inc. was commissioned by James Keever Van Harlington and built in 1928. Originally a mattress factory, it went through many changes. From 1938 to 1942 it housed WPA (Works Progress Administration) offices. It was also a Union Hall, leased out for Social Dances and various organization meetings.


Our founder, Warren Edminston, first opened the Reproductions, Inc’s. doors in 1956. Pictured is one of our first advertisements. More than 60 years later, we are still conveniently located!


Duane Ericson, Ildefanso Chavez and Guy Beatty with the Repro crew in 1957.


In 1980 Duane Ericson, Ildefanso Chavez and Guy Beatty would purchase the company from owner Warren Edminston.


While implementing the innovations of early computer technology in the late 1980’s, Reproductions used this to offer their customers black and white Computer Aided Design (CAD) plotting.


In 1989, Duane Ericson’s son, Jeff Ericson, purchases Reproductions, Inc. from his father. Also if you wanted a color photocopy in Tucson, Reproductions was the only place you’d find them.


Jeff Ericson makes the decision to turn Reproductions, Inc. over to his employees and establishes an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). By 1997, the transition is complete and Reproductions becomes a 100% employee-owned company.


Many of our Associates have been with Repro for years!


Reproductions, Inc. acquires the region’s first Megascan large format color scanner. With this cutting edge equipment operating, the company sets the standard in Southern Arizona for large format color posters, signs and banners.


1997 was a big year for Repro! We became 100% Employee Owned, Jeff Prideaux takes over as President, we start printing wide format color prints and the Arizona Wildcats win the NCAA Championship! Whew!


Repro used City Of Tucson Fire Department employees as drivers in their off hours.


Repro wins Supplier of The Year from the Cornerstone Building Foundation.


Repro wins Best Place to work at the Copper Cactus Awards in 2000


We win Supplier Of The Year again from the Cornerstone Building Foundation, in 2003


Russ Blankenship takes over the office of President, while Mike Carpenter slides into the Vice President position in 2007.


Reproductions, Inc is the recipient of another Cornerstone Builders Alliance award in 2013. This time for Professional Service of the Year. Nominated for Tucson Metro Chamber’s Copper Cactus Awards Best Place to Work 2013.


Reproductions celebrates 60 years in business serving Tucson and Southern Arizona!


Reproductions is the recipient of another Cornerstone Builders Alliance award in 2017 for Professional Service of the Year!