Are These Design Mistakes Hurting Your Marketing Materials?

Are These Design Mistakes Hurting Your Marketing Materials?

For your marketing materials to really deliver, they need more than high-quality printing and a good idea. They also need to be designed in a way that conveys your message clearly without being distracting or difficult to read. Could design mistakes be holding back the power of your marketing materials? Here are some common mistakes made in marketing collateral that you should avoid.


Packing the Image with Calls to Action

A call to action, or CTA, is a necessary part of most marketing, but overdoing it is less likely to spur your customers to action and more likely to muddle your message and make your design look cluttered. You may want to encourage your customers to do everything from signing up for newsletters to visiting your website to buying a new product, but you can’t include all of that messaging in one marketing release. Keep your design clean and stick to a single CTA. Choose the one that is most likely to bring customers to a place where they will encounter all of the things you want them to see.


Adding Too Many Visuals

Just as adding too much text to your design can be confusing, having too many visuals will detract from your message. It is more impactful to have one or two carefully selected images in your design than it is to cram in as much as you have space to accommodate. Even if each individual image is strong, having too many of them will reduce the impact of each one.


Deviating from Design Consistency

You don’t have to make all of your marketing materials look the same, but there are should be some common threads that you maintain through all of your campaigns that stay true to your brand identity. This could be colors, fonts, logos, or voice, but design elements should tie all of your campaigns together.


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