Choosing the Right Colors for Your Promotional Banner

Choosing the Right Colors for Your Promotional Banner

Banners are a great way to promote your business and keep your customers engaged. However, design is everything when it comes to making sure your promotional banner is effective. Choosing the right colors to deliver your message can have a significant impact. These tips will help you find the colors that will work the best to get your message across.

Know Your Customer Base

Although colors have broader moods and meanings, there are also local and cultural associations with specific colors. For instance, in a major sports town, you may not want to design a banner that uses the colors of a main rival team. Likewise, perhaps there is another business in your town that has a very identifiable color association. In that case, you should avoid those colors so that your messaging isn’t confused with their business. Considering these color associations that are specific to your customer base will help you eliminate some colors from consideration in your design.

Design Around Your Branding

The colors you choose for your banner should work well with your branding. If you have colors in your logo or business signage, use them on your banner in some way. Even if those colors don’t form the basis of the entire banner design, they should be represented, and any other colors you use should complement your branding colors. Banners that don’t have any color connection to your brand will take away from its messaging.  

Consider the Mood of Colors

The moods of colors can impact your design strategy in a number of ways. Red and yellow are both stimulating colors that should be used in moderation, though when used judiciously, these colors can draw attention to important information. Blue communicates trust and stability, while green sends a message about health, freshness, and wealth. Purple is rich and luxurious, while brown and gray can stabilize the impact of other colors. Black is traditional and formal, while white is clean and modern.


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