Which Colors Will Stand Out on Your Sign?

Which Colors Will Stand Out on Your Sign?

The most effective signs are the ones that draw the eye in, and the way you use color in your design can make or break yours. No matter what you’re advertising, your sign should be hard to miss. Choose the right colors by mastering contrast, considering how different hues make people feel, and keeping your message clear. Keep reading and find out which colors will stand out on your sign.

Recognizing Color Contrast

Having a solid understanding of how color contrast works will make it a lot easier for you to decide which colors should show up in your sign design. Contrast is what makes it easy for the focal point of your sign to stand out from the background. A bright red sign with dark red lettering, symbols, or images will blend together, and it will be extra difficult to separate the two layers when looking at the sign from a distance. Use opposing colors so each one stands out in your sign.

Understanding Color Psychology

Colors elicit feelings in people, so the right ones will turn people on, while the wrong ones will cause people to ignore your sign. Red is a striking color that tends to grab attention, but blues are soothing and inviting. Think about the point of your sign and choose colors that will stand out in a way that matches what’s being advertised.

Making Font Legible

Part of the point of using contrast strategically is making sure the font on your sign is legible. White block letters on a black background will stand out and be easily readable, so your viewers will understand what they’re looking at right away. Poor color choice makes your words illegible and confuses the message you’re trying to convey.


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