Designing a Stand-Out Sign for Your Yard Sale

Designing a Stand-Out Sign for Your Yard Sale

A yard sale is a great way to get the clutter out of your home and make some extra money in the process. Every weekend, there is an exodus of people who head out to check out all the local yard sales, but for yours to grab their attention, your sign will need to stand out from the crowd. Before your print your yard sale sign, keep these design tips in mind.

Make Your Signs Readable from a Distance

Ideally, your sign should be readable from about 10 to 15 yards away. At the very least, it should be easy to read from a moving car passing by. That means using large, block letters in a color than contrasts well with the background. Dark colors on light background are usually easier to read from a distance, so consider following that color scheme when you design your sign. Choose a background that doesn’t look like a normal traffic sign, so that it doesn’t blend into the background. The more people that can read your sign, the more people who will remember your sale when they’re ready to shop.

Include the Necessary Information—and Nothing Else

Your yard sale signs should clearly indicate that you are having a sale, and it should feature the time, date, and address for the sale. All of this information is essential, and it should be the only information you use, except for directional information. Overcrowding your sign with information will make it unreadable. Make careful use of the white space on your sign to increase the readability.

Add Arrows to Lead the Way

In your neighborhood, add arrows to your sign to direct traffic to your sale. You can leave a blank space on the signs when you print them to allow you to fill in arrows as needed, or you can plan your sign placement and get arrows printed directly on the signs.

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