Having a Sale? Design a Sign That Brings in Customers

Having a Sale? Design a Sign That Brings in Customers

For customers, a sale is an opportunity to find a great deal. But for businesses, a sale is the opportunity to build brand visibility, expand the customer base, increase awareness of products and service lines, and cement customer loyalty to encourage repeat business. Periodic sales are like the lifeblood of a retail business, but in order to have a successful sale, you’ll need to advertise it. When you’re planning a sales event, your first stop should be at a professional printing company after you’ve taken these design steps:

Choose the right colors.

When you’re designing a sign that you intend to display for a long time, you’ll want to be conservative with your colors. In other words, you should stick with the colors already associated with your brand. But if you’re announcing a temporary sales event, you can feel free to branch out and flex your creative muscle. Use vibrant, eye-catching colors that complement your brand colors. Just make sure that your color choices support the readability of your text.

Decide on appealing wording.

Speaking of readability, it’s generally easier to design graphics around text, rather than the other way around. Choose your words with care, as you’ll have limited real estate in which to make an impact on your potential customers. When designing permanent signage, it’s better to make the business name the central focus. However, a temporary sign to announce a sale doesn’t need to follow this rule. Instead, put the focus on the discounts. For instance, your sign could announce, “25% Off All Home Goods This Week Only!” This line could be followed by your business name in slightly smaller print.

Choose a type of sign.

You’ll probably want to have a standard A-frame sign announcing the sale. You can set this up right outside your business to capture the attention of passersby. In addition to the A-frame sign, you might also want temporary interior signs that direct your customers to the areas of the store where the discounted signs are.

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