How to Get Your Employees to Actually Read Your Training Manual

How to Get Your Employees to Actually Read Your Training Manual

Your training manual is critical for onboarding employees, but most training manuals don’t exactly make for interesting reading. As a result, your employees may tend to skim the manual instead of closely reading it, leaving them without the important information they need to do their jobs. How can you make sure that your manual is something your employees will take the time to read closely? Before you head to your local printer, keep these tips in mind.

Use Photos and Graphics

Big blocks of text without photos are not going to easily capture attention. In today’s world, people have shorter attention spans, so a text-heavy layout is especially problematic. Break up the text in your training manual with plenty of photos and graphics. Photo guides, graphs, and other images are a good way to make the manual look less overwhelming and more interesting to the employees who read it.

Print in Color

Color printing brings documents to life. Although it may be slightly less expensive to print in black and white, the benefits reaped by printing your training manuals in color are well worth the extra investment. If you’ve committed to using photos, color printing will ensure that they have the intended impact.

Opt for Professional Binding

Professional binding makes your training manual look like an important document that should be taken seriously. Rather than stapling the pages together, which makes the manual look like something that you don’t value, professional binding communicates to your employees that you consider the manual an important part of your business.

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