Inside the DFS Plan Room

Inside the DFS Plan Room

When you’re getting ready to bring your digital materials to life, you need to ensure that everything is organized perfectly. The DFS Plan Room is accessible online, and it’s password protected for your privacy. It can also be used for a wide range of purposes, so keep reading for a quick look inside the DFS Plan Room.

Online Accessibility

There’s a reason you put your brilliant idea into your computer, and you should be able to share it with anyone you want to. Inside the DFS Plan Room, you can keep your documents organized and make it as easy as possible to bring your construction project to life. You need to be able to access your project at any point, so you can work on it when the ideas start flooding your brain, and the DFS Plan Room makes it easy.

Privacy and Management

If you’re printing an important piece that contains sensitive material, it’s important that only certain people have access to the project. In the DFS Plan Room, you can rest assured that your project will be password protected, so only yourself and anyone else involved in the project will be able to have access to it. Keeping your work private helps you keep your trade secrets to yourself, so you can work with other industry leaders to craft the perfect print.

Range of Uses

The DFS Plan Room is ideal for creating all kinds of projects, and it’s a great choice when it comes to retrieving and printing documents. It’s especially helpful for construction or other large-scale projects that might span across several sites.


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