Look at Common Mounting Materials

Look at Common Mounting Materials

There are many types of projects where professional mounting is required, such as school presentations and artwork displays. These projects must look professional and stand up to wear and tear. Certain mounting materials, like foam board and gator board, are some of the best to ensure mounted projects are well-protected and displayed. Here is a closer look at the most common mounting materials found at a printing shop:

Foam Board

Foam board is one of the most common mounting materials found in printing shops. It is a lightweight material that can be easily cut to fit various shapes and sizes. Foam board typically consists of a sheet of polystyrene foam that is sandwiched between clay-coated paper. Some foam boards are also made with textured finishes or self-adhesive materials to allow for document mounting. Foam boards are often used to display presentation materials for businesses, school, and artwork.

Gator Board

Gator board has a similar construction to foam board. It has a dense, foam core, but the outer layers are made of a much stronger wood-fiber veneer. Gator board is lightweight, but it will last longer than foam board. Gator board can also withstand harsher conditions, such as rain or wind. For outdoor mounting projects—such as yard signs or sidewalk inserts—gator board may be the best material to use. It will retain its shape, color, and strength much longer than regular foam board.

Sintra PVC

Sintra PVC boards are made from closed-cell polyvinyl chloride that produces lightweight, durable boards for signs and mounting purposes. Sintra boards can be customized into almost any shape, color, and size, and they will resist scratches, dents, and chemicals. Sintra boards can be used for interior and exterior purposes, such as artwork framing, signage, and mounting.

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