Look at Marketing by Industry

Look at Marketing by Industry

Each industry and business has different ways of attracting customers and showcasing new products. Marketing strategies often include color psychology, competitive advertising, and discounts. Learn more about how each industry markets in the advertising world by reading below.

Grocery Stores

Grocery stores tend to use color psychology, because it has a way of communicating certain feelings and perceptions. For example, a health food store will likely have signs and advertisements printed in browns, greens, and dark reds. These colors give a natural and calming feeling, so customers feel confident that they will find healthier product options by shopping at this type of store.

Fast Food Restaurants

Fast food and sit-down restaurants regularly subscribe to color psychology marketing. So many restaurants—such as McDonald’s, Applebee’s, and Burger King—feature red, orange, and yellow in all of their signage. These colors encourage impulse buying and hunger, so customers are likelier to skip a dinner at home and wait in a fast food drive thru.

Technological Firms

Technological firms and businesses, like computer or cellphone companies, typically adopt a competitive marketing strategy. Commercials, print ads, and radio ads are usually filled with comparisons to one or more competitors. This strategy is done to encourage customers to think that only one company can make the best cellphone, offer the cheapest internet deal, or run the fastest computer programs.

Retail Stores

Retail stores use many tactics to entice customers into their stores and to make purchases. Offering sales, discounts, and loyalty programs are important marketing moves that encourage customers to spend more than they originally planned. Retail stores may also use color psychology in their signage to encourage impulsive purchases.

Businesses should know the correct way to market and make a memorable brand. Using the tactics found above, Reproductions Inc. can help all types of businesses achieve a higher level of success and productivity. We offer several services, such as sign printing and a DFS Plan Room, and we cannot wait to help our customers at (520) 622-7747.