Our Amazing ReviewLead Success!

Our Amazing ReviewLead Success!

There are two kinds of businesses in the world: ones that pay close attention to their online reviews, and ones that have no idea what their customers think of them. We’re squarely in the first camp. We believe that online reviews are the new word of mouth, and as everyone knows, word of mouth can make or break a business. Thanks to our amazing customers and our new review system, we’re definitely riding a wave of positive words. Just so you know, this is not a sponsored or otherwise solicited post! We decided to write this blog simply because of how excited we are about our partnership with Review Lead, a fellow local company that has drastically improved the number of reviews we get online. Want to know more? Read on.

Why Reputation Management Matters

Paying attention to online reviews are just one part of a company’s reputation management efforts. Reputation management is a critical tool for any company with an online presence: which, like it or not, is every company these days. Some businesses have been slow to adapt to the conquest of online reviews, but it’s important to remember that you can’t choose not to have an online reputation. Customers are the ones who get to decide! Since this is the case, why not take advantage of it by ensuring that your customers have an easy way to tell the world about your awesome products and service. Another added benefit of getting lots of reviews is they help you learn what products, services, or locations are most popular with customers, which can save you some serious time, money, and frustration.

The Secret to Our Rapid Growth

As previously mentioned, we’ve experienced rapid growth when it comes to positive reviews. In fact, we’ve gone from having 12 reviews on Google to over 250 in a few short months.

How’d we do it? Simple: we’ve started using Review Lead. It didn’t take us long to be amazed by the amount of success we’ve had with it. Review Lead works by turning positive reviews into more business, and preventing negative reviews from hitting major review sites before you’re able to respond to them. We do our best to ensure that negative reviews are rare, but they do happen, even to the most customer-centric companies. The important thing, of course, is how you respond to negative reviews. The Review Lead system allows us to take extra time to craft a thoughtful and tactful response, and potentially defuse a bad review before it hits the web. Believe it or not, negative reviews can actually be a good thing: when potential customers see you owning a less-than-perfect customer interaction and making things right, they’ll be more likely to trust you with their business.

Another perk of the Review Lead system is that our reviews feed seamlessly and automatically to our Facebook page. The system even sends a ‘thank you” reply to the customer who left the review. This is a small thing, but it has a big impact on the relationship our customers have with us. And that’s really what it’s all about: building and nurturing a positive relationship with our current customers that will in turn encourage new customers to trust us with their business. Reputation management is a huge and irreplaceable part of that equation.

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