Spotlight on the Benefits of Laminating

Spotlight on the Benefits of Laminating

All printed materials are vulnerable to damage from wear and tear. Environmental conditions and frequent handling are just some of the factors that can inflict damage on printed materials. In order to protect their products, many people choose to have them professionally laminated. The process of lamination encloses paper between two thin sheets of plastic film. There are many reasons to consider laminating your printed project.

Protection from Frequent Handling

Some print materials need to have a long lifespan, but are handled too frequently to make this practical. The solution is lamination. Lamination can significantly extend the longevity of printed materials like restaurant and bar menus, and price and part lists. It’s also an ideal option for business cards and membership cards, which must withstand the physical stress of frequently being put in and taken out of wallets and pockets. Lamination adds rigidity to the printed materials, giving them greater durability.

Protection from Environmental Conditions

Intensive handling isn’t the only thing that can shorten the lifespan of printed materials. Environmental conditions are another top concern. Lamination protects printed materials from moisture, mold, and grime. It’s an ideal solution for materials like reusable hang tags, machinery warning tags, and operating and safety instructions. Lamination will also protect materials like maps from the sometimes dirty and damp interiors of vehicles.

Enhancement of Aesthetic Appearance

Another primary benefit of lamination is simple aesthetics. Laminated print materials look more professional and appealing than non-laminated materials. In the mind of an important client or customer, lamination equals quality and professionalism. It’s an ideal way to present important materials like sell sheets, product fact sheets, tabletop displays, and sales presentation materials. And for showroom and trade show materials, there’s nothing quite like lamination to make a great first impression.

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