Tips for Designing Effective Banners

Tips for Designing Effective Banners

Trade shows are the perfect venues for attracting new clients and networking with other businesses. In order to make sure that your company gets the attention that it deserves during the next trade show, it is a great idea to have a banner printed at your local print shop. To achieve the best results from your new banner, you will want to follow a few key design principles. Here is a look at some tips for designing effective banners.


Think of Your Catch Phrase

When a person glances at your banner, he or she should be able to gain an initial impression of your goods and services. To send your message clearly and concisely, you may want to create a catch phrase that will be printed on your banner. Ideally, your catch phrase should be short, informative, and to the point.


Avoid Visual Clutter

If you attempt to incorporate too many design elements into your banner, you will run the risk of confusing the viewer. As you are creating your banner design, it is a great idea to keep simplicity in mind. With a few key graphics, phrases, and a clear logo, you will be able to craft an inviting banner that sends a powerful message about your business.


Choose a Sturdy Material

As you are having your banner printed, you will want to ask your print shop about the different materials that are available for your final product. If your trade show will be held in an outdoor location, you may want to have your banner printed on a sturdy, waterproof material.


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