Buck Slips 101

Buck Slips 101

Business owners can use many different types of printed materials to draw attention to their businesses. Flyers, signs, booklets, business cards, and brochures are all excellent ways to build better brand awareness. But one printed material that small business owners often overlook is the buck slip. Buck slips are fairly easy to design and quick to print, yet their impact can be quite significant.

Definition of Buck Slip

A buck slip (sometimes called a buck insert or buck sheet) is a small slip of paper containing a solitary marketing message. Often, it’s used to draw attention to a special offer or sale. It’s thought that buck slips got their name because they are roughly the size of a dollar bill, although some can be a little larger or smaller.

Design of Buck Slips

Since buck slips are small, their design must be spot-on to grab the reader’s attention. Avoid trying to add too much copy to your buck slip. Keep the word count minimal—use only enough words to convey your message. For example, if you’re using a buck slip to draw attention to a special sale, you might write: “50% Off Sale! This week only at XYZ Store!” In addition, note that buck slips often use colorful backgrounds, print, or images to draw attention. Since they are quite small, they need to be as eye-catching as possible.

Delivery of Buck Slips

Printed materials are often mailed to a business’ list of customers. However, since buck slips are so small, it doesn’t make much fiscal sense to waste postage on them. Instead, businesses often
use them as envelope stuffers. For instance, you can add one to each envelope when sending out an invoice or statement to customers. If your business doesn’t require the mailing of invoices or statements, you can give them directly to customers. Place one in each shopping bag or staple it to the customer’s receipt.

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