Common Questions About Coil Binding

Common Questions About Coil Binding

There are many more options for binding together booklets and pamphlets other than using a paper clip or staple. One of those options is coil binding, also known as spiral binding. Coil binding provides a professional, polished look for many different types of printed materials.

What exactly is coil binding?

Coil binding is a “punch and bind” method. The first step is to punch small holes along the left, vertical edge of the document. Then, a spiral coil (which looks like a spring) is threaded through the holes using a coil binding machine. The ends are crimped to prevent the coil from coming undone. Most coils are made from flexible plastic. They are available in a range of colors. Coil binding looks very similar to a pig’s tail.

What can coil binding be used for?

Coil binding is appropriate for binding nearly any type of document. People often use them for instruction manuals, professional reports, and large booklets or pamphlets. You can use coil binding to create impactful conference or convention materials. Coil binding can also be used for the following:

 Maintenance manuals
 Atlases and travel guides
 Sales presentations
 Proposals
 Directories
 Employee handbooks

In addition, if you’ve written your own cookbook, you can have the printing shop use coil binding on it.

What are the advantages of using coil binding?

Professionals love coil binding because it gives their materials a polished, finished look. Plus, there is a wide variety of color choices, so you can choose the shade of coil that will best suit your printed materials. Another benefit of coil binding is the durability of the coils. Since the coils are highly flexible, they bounce right back into place after being bent. Even if the printed material is handled excessively, the coils will continue to function as intended. Furthermore, for the reader, coil binding is a superior choice because it enables the document to lay flat when opened.

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