Designing a Bumper Sticker that Sells

Designing a Bumper Sticker that Sells

Does your business have bumper stickers? These car accessories are fun to collect and serve as mobile advertisement for your brand. Finding a professional printing service will help you make the most of your stickers. Use these tips to come up with a great design:

Choose Colors that are Easy to See

Bumper stickers are much smaller than signs and other form so advertisement. That is why it is important to choose colors that will be easy to see and work well with such a small platform. The text color should stand out from the background color so drivers will be able to read the sticker quickly and easily. You should also choose colors that will stand out from the colors of most cars on the road.

Pick an Appropriate Image

Many companies include images on their bumper stickers to break up the monotony of the text. If you want an image on your bumper sticker, it is important to find one that represents your business and fits in with the size of the sticker. Choose an image that is clear and easy to see when it is made smaller so that it will look great on your bumper stickers.

Make it Clever

Your bumper stickers will represent your company. Make sure they do a good job by making them clever and attractive! If you want a funny voice for your company, add a joke or play-on-words to the sticker. If you want to make people think, consider adding a relatable or thought-provoking quote.

Keep it Simple

Adding too many words, images, or colors to your bumper stickers will complicate them and make them unattractive. Simplicity is essential if you want to create a bumper sticker that catches drivers’ attention and encourages them to visit your business!
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