Designing Effective POP Displays

Designing Effective POP Displays

When you want to place your brand new or best-selling products front and center, you create an engaging POP display that will catch the eye of even the most hurried or cynical customer. But how can you design the most effective POP display for your company? Read on to discover the best way to boost your business with a POP display

What is a POP Display?

A POP, or point of purchase, display is a section of your business where a customer can interact with your product. These displays are separate from the main shelving units and are often located in the very front of stores or by the check-out areas, where consumers are more likely to stand and wait. They often focus on a new release or popular item. 

Less is More

While it’s tempting to go all out with multiple colors and loud graphics, you don’t want your POP display to distract from the product or service you are trying to sell. Your product should be in the limelight, not the surrounding display. Ideally, your POP set-up should reinforce your brand identity without stealing the spotlight from your breadwinner. Use complimentary colors and sleek fonts to draw the customers’ gaze and direct it towards your product. 

Some Assembly Required

While you have a clear vision in mind for your POP display, it’s likely that an employee will have to set it up at your store. If you won’t be personally installing the display, be sure that your design is simple enough for anyone to be able to construct it. Even the best design can be ruined by poor execution at your brick and mortar location. 

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