Elements to Consider When Planning a Business Card Design

Elements to Consider When Planning a Business Card Design

A business card may be a small document, but that does not make it unimportant; you can use it to remember a meeting, make a connection, or simply communicate your personal information. If you want your business card to be optimally effective, you should pay attention to a few specific factors. Here are the elements to consider when planning a business card design.


An illegible business card is meaningless, which is why the font you choose is crucial to the success of your document. Choose a legible font that represents the style and attitude of your business; for example, stay away from Comic Sans for your law firm. In addition to the font itself, it is important that you size your text properly. Even the most legible font can be difficult to read if it is printed too small. Make sure your text is easy to read and portrays the ideals of your business.


A business card with creative colors tends to be more memorable, which can make it more effective overall. If you work for an established company, however, it is wise to make use of the colors that are seen in its brand. Recognizable colors can allow recipients to quickly identify your business card when rummaging through their wallets.


Never forget that the purpose of a business card is to communicate information. A typical business card will include your name, your phone number, your email address, and the company you work for. Make sure the recipient of your card can easily identify a means of contacting you.

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