FAQs About White Space in Design

FAQs About White Space in Design

When you’re designing something to be printed, the way you use white space is one of the most crucial factors in the outcome of your project. White space helps to balance your design, make the text readable, and emphasize the information you want to bring attention to. Whether you’re designing business cards, flyers, posters, or some other kind of printed project, the answers to these common questions about white space will help you make the most of it in your design. 

What exactly is white space?

White space—also sometimes called negative space—is the empty space in a design. White space doesn’t have to be white, though it can be. Any space that doesn’t have text or images in a design is white space, including backgrounds and borders. The existence of this blank space allows the text and images to shine. The white space also prevents designs from looking cluttered and makes them easier to take in.  

What is the difference between micro and macro white space?

Micro white space is space that separates tiny design features and that essentially goes unnoticed by the viewer. This kind of white space is also called passive white space, because it is used subtly in an attempt to make the overall design readable. The most obvious example of micro white space is the space between letters in text. Macro white space, or active white space, is the space used between larger design elements, like between columns or around a border. This space is called active space because it is designed to make a viewer actively notice other elements on the page. 

How much white space should be in a design?

There is no standard rule for how much white space should be in a design. The right amount depends on your overall design and the mood you are trying to create. For instance, advertisements for luxury goods often contain large amounts of white space, while marketing for children’s activities usually has less. 

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