Get the Facts About Mounting and Lamination

Get the Facts About Mounting and Lamination

Mounting and lamination are services that can preserve printed items, including artwork, academic degrees, posters, maps, photographs, and even legal trial exhibits. Whatever the reason is that you’re looking for mounting or lamination in Tucson, Reproductions Inc. is here to help. When you consult us for this type of document preservation, you may find that you have more options than expected for mounting your documents and graphics. Continue reading for some helpful facts to guide you toward the right mounting option.  

Mounting and lamination are not the same, but both can preserve printed pieces. 

Mounting and lamination go hand in hand, because both strategies can preserve almost anything printed on paper. Lamination coats printed items with a polymer that adds waterproofing and protection from the elements. In addition, it can deepen the contrast of printed works and brighten colors. Alternatively, mounting is designed to provide thicker backing for printed materials while still creating a coated, finished surface on the presentation side. This is a great choice for materials that will be used as signs or as hanging wall displays. 

There are preservation options for every budget and style. 

With both lamination and mounting, you’ve got a wide range of choices for your aesthetic and budgetary preferences. Mounting may utilize foam, gator, or sintra boards in thicknesses from 1/8 to ½ inch. Specialized media options are also available for odd project needs. Laminating may be done with a matte or glossy finish, and is offered in several different thicknesses. Both laminating and mounting max out at 48” x 96”. 

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