Getting Graphic: Designing Your Business Sign

Getting Graphic: Designing Your Business Sign

Every business needs signs! These items serve as advertisement and let customers know where your store is as well as what is available. Designing a great business sign can help you attract more customers. These tips can help you get started:

Show Off Your Personality

Your business sign should represent the voice and personality of your brand. Potential customers will make an impression of your brand based on what they see on your sign. Bold and bright colors tend to signify fun and exciting businesses, like music stores and clubs, while softer colors are better for business that specialize in relaxation, such as salons and spas.

Think About Location

Where do you plan to put your business sign? The location and size of the sign should both be considered during the design process. Some signs are attached to store fronts while others hang from ceilings or get displayed on walls. Your design should fit in with both the location and the size to make the most of every sign you display!

Consider Your Audience

Your primary sign audience will be based on your type of business as well as where the sign is placed. If you have a younger client base, it is a good idea to stick to trendier wording and colors to catch their attention. If you have an older client base, you might want to stick to more traditional features. Consider what type of language is most appropriate for the size and location of the sign.

Make it Visible

A sign can only be successful if it is easy to see! Potential customers should be able to at least notice your sign from far away so they feel the need to come closer and get a better look. You should choose the right colors, font, and layouts to make a highly visible sign that draws customers into your business.
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