Strategies for Designing Your Business Cards

Strategies for Designing Your Business Cards

Your business card is often the first impression you make with potential customers. Gone are the days in which a business card simply stated your name and contact information. Today, your card has to not only convey this kind of information but also help you stand out from the pack. The design of your card communicates a message about your brand, so you want to make sure it shows you off in the best light possible. As you put together your business card design, these tips will help. 

Decide Between Formal and Fun

Some business cards are formal, with neutral colors and classic designs, while others are bold and fun. Which kind of business card is right for you? The answer comes down to the kind of business you have. If your industry is conservative and serious, then your card should err on the side of understated design. However, if you’re in a creative industry or have a business that is focused on play, fun, and activity, your card should reflect that attitude. Bright colors, bold text, and other unexpected features will show that your brand is creative and lively. 

Consider the Text

As you decide what text to include on your business card, remember that less is more. You will need your name, company name, contact information, and logo on your card, but resist the temptation to clutter your design with too much text. Leaving white space on your card will draw attention to the information you are providing, plus, it leaves you or the recipient space to write additional information about your interaction. 

Add a Special Touch 

What is something you can use to help your card stand out from the crowd? For some people, this is adding foil to the card design, while other people opt for a business card that is not the usual rectangular shape. Others choose heavyweight paper or recycled craft paper. A unique twist on your design could be just the thing that helps people remember you.

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