Tips for Designing an Effective Flyer

Tips for Designing an Effective Flyer

There is more to designing a flyer than catchy words and graphics. Making sure your flyer is effective takes planning and quality printing. Here are some helpful tips for designing your next flyer. 

Have a Goal

Before you begin designing your flyer, you must have an idea of what you want to accomplish with it. This includes considering where you will be posting it, what your budget is, and who your target audience is. These are all factors that will impact the layout and size of the flyer, as well as what information you want to include on it. 

Emphasize Keywords

You want to grab people’s attention, and the best way to do this is to put emphasis on a few select keywords, so they will pop out on the page. This includes using high contrast colors for specific information, such as the location and date of an event, or eye-catching words like “New” or “Limited”. Which words you emphasize will be dependent on your goal.

Include a Call to Action

Is the purpose of your flyer to get your target audience to do something, like call a number, visit a website, or go somewhere? Include this information on the flyer. You can include a short URL or a QR Code that is scanned with the passerby’s smartphone. 

Use High Quality Images

Using high quality images that are relevant to the information you are delivering will engage users—often, the image is the first thing they see. If the image confuses them or isn’t easy to understand, they may just walk by without reading the flyer. 

Have Your Flyers Professionally Printed

Even the best design can fall flat with the wrong printing service. Professional printers can help you produce higher-quality images and easily read flyers that will get noticed. They can also advise on the right paper and printing styles to convey your message. 

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