Tips for Designing and Printing Legal Exhibits for Trial

Tips for Designing and Printing Legal Exhibits for Trial

Visual exhibits can play an important role in a trial. When used in a courtroom, legal exhibits can help to keep the jury engaged and help break down complicated information into digestible, memorable pieces. Of course, to get the most out of your exhibits, how they are designed and printed matters. Poor design and low-quality printing can diminish the impact of your exhibits and the information you’re trying to present. If you plan to use exhibits in a trial, keep these design and printing tips in mind. 

Stick to a Consistent Design

If you are using multiple visual exhibits during a trial, maintain a consistent design throughout them. Maintaining a consistent layout, color scheme, and presentation style will allow the jurors to focus on the information you’re presenting, instead of being distracted by the changing designs. A consistent design will also help you simplify the process of creating and printing your exhibits, since the process will be the same for all of them. 

Use Simple, Accurate Graphics

If you are incorporating graphs, timelines, pie charts, and other forms of graphics to visualize data, be sure that you’re presenting simple information that will easily be understood by the laypeople on the jury. If just one of your graphics is too complicated, the jury will be less inclined to pay attention to any of them. Additionally, resist the urge to present the data in ways that are deceiving. It’s easy to tweak the presentation of data to make it misleading, so make sure your graphics are clear, direct, and honest.

Ask Your Printer for Advice

Your printer will have advice about the best printing materials for your exhibits, so listen to your advice to get the best results. Be sure to work with your printer on printing deadlines, especially if your project has multiple parts, so you don’t risk not having your presentations in time for court. 

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