Understanding QR Codes

Understanding QR Codes

Have you ever picked up a product or a printed promotional document and wondered what those black and white square mazes are? You’ll find them everywhere these days, from the backs of cereal boxes to full-page magazine ads to the sides of company vans. These black and white squares are called Quick Response (QR) codes. QR codes are one of the more recent innovations in digital marketing, with great potential for engaging your customers.

Overview of QR Codes

QR codes are essentially barcodes. However, they store data differently than standard UPC barcodes. QR codes store data in 2D, rather than in 1D. A small business owner can have QR codes printed on various materials, like brochures or even signs. Customers can then use a smartphone to scan the code to unlock information.

Data in QR Codes

So what exactly can you put in a QR code? The possibilities are virtually limitless. Whereas UPC codes can store up to 30 numbers, a QR code can store more than 7,000, as well as other forms of data. A QR code can store hyperlinks, text, contact information, PDF document links, and even videos. They provide an avenue to offer data of value to customers in a small, printable package.

Uses of QR Codes

The potential uses of QR codes are as endless as the data they can store. For instance, you might include a QR code on a printed mailer that gives customers a discount code. Or, you could provide a QR code on a brochure that unlocks a complementary training video for your most important clients. Alternatively, let’s say you’re a graphic designer who has just started freelancing. You want to attract new clients, so you print business cards with a QR code that directs potential clients to a portfolio of your best work. There are many potential uses for QR codes, and you can include them on virtually any type of printed material.

Including QR codes on your printed promotional materials is a great way to connect with your customers. Here at Reproductions, Inc., we can help you with all of your printed product needs, including brochures, flyers, business cards, pamphlets, and much more! Stop by our location in Tucson or call us at (520) 622-7747 to discuss your project.