Yard Sale Sign Etiquette

Yard Sale Sign Etiquette

You might be able to drum up business for a yard sale with Facebook and Craigslist posts, but one of the most reliable methods for drawing in traffic is with strategically placed signs around the neighborhood. While it might be tempting to print out your own signs and home and post them anywhere you can find space outside, you will likely see much more success (and reduce irritation among your neighbors) with professionally printed signs hung with respect to common yard sign etiquette. Below you’ll get a closer look at the right ways to advertise for your upcoming Tucson yard sale.

Use concise language

Because most people will see your signs while driving by, it is important to keep the wording short and sweet. Make all necessary information easy to read quickly and avoid clunky graphics that could distract drivers passing by. You’ll also want to be conscious of how the sign will read from a distance, not just up close.

Check area sign restrictions

Perhaps the most important aspect of sign etiquette is placing signs in the right locations. While you will probably know to steer clear of putting signs on the neighbors’ property without permission, you might not be completely aware of city and HOA regulations on sign placement. To avoid having to take down your signs right away, make sure that you are not breaking any ordinances or local laws. Once you know where signs are not allowed, map out some high traffic intersections where you are likely to get the most sign views.

Take down signs right after your sale

No one likes to see yard sale signs for sales that have already passed, so you’ll want to take signs down within a day or two of the actual event.
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